10 Simple Decorating Tips for Living Room

The placement of the furniture is tight if you have an empty room to work with! People think it’s straightforward to do, but if you try to do it aesthetically, you will have a hard time! It’s an overwhelming task, in my opinion. However, if you follow my guideline, you will learn a few simple and easy tips which you can apply easily! These are common-sense tips, and anyone can follow them without any problems at all! Arranging furniture is not a hard task as you think, so let’s hop right into the subject!

The Focal Point

The focal point is the critical point of the room. People are not aware of this central point of the room! This point generally comes out naturally after you arrange the furniture. However, we subconsciously arrange the furniture around this object without knowing it! The focal point can be a television, media unit, fireplaces, and other stable objects! You have to decide before you make the whole arrangement and make your room design according to it! If you put more emphasis on arranging furniture around this place, it will better for you and your guests!

Conversation Areas and Kid Places

There are areas in every living room, but we are not aware of it! You should create areas where people can talk with each other without putting too much effort into the task! These areas can be small or big, depending on the size of your room! However, people should be able to talk with each other without yelling at each other! The place also should not be too close, which can create other problems!

There are places where kids love to play in living rooms! They generally prefer to sit on the floor without any rugs or carpets at all! You can get area rugs to keep the kids in that place! These rugs are great for stating play areas, and they are effortless to clean.

Furniture Placement

The size of the room depends on the furniture placement, in my opinion! If you have a small living room, you might have a hard time properly placing them. However, you should never push your furniture against the walls because this will create a small-looking space. People generally tend to believe the opposite. However, if you follow my instructions, exactly, you are going to feel a larger space.  You should leave several between the walls and the furniture if it’s possible. This will create a better-looking living room with ease!

Balance in the Room

The balance factor is important in any aspect of life! It’s also important when it comes to decorating and arranging the furniture. The items in the living room should have some harmony in the size and placement aspects! You should never keep the same size items in a single place in the room! Mistakes like this can make the feel room crowded than it normally is! You should also have some variety in the shapes of the items you are going to use. The shapes of items should create harmony, which should also attract the guests! If you have straight lines in your furniture, you can prefer some tables with round edges!

Size of the Rugs and Furniture

There should be a correlation between the size of the rugs and furniture! The rug size should be suitable for the furniture you are using! You can leave some space on the floor, and this is not a problem. You should always place the large pieces on the rug so they can create harmony. The small places are not that important. You can leave some empty spaces on those parts!


You should keep the size of your tables more prominent if it’s possible! The bigger tables have a better aesthetic look compared to small ones! They also function better than the small ones, which makes them a great option! You can use these tables as small focal points in your room and display your favored accessories! Bigger tables are also great for crowded families because two or three people with ease can use them! You should leave enough room between seating and the coffee tables so people can easily walk around them! There are great options when it comes to buying tables in the market. However, if you can’t find a big one you can make it work with 2-3 small tables too!

The length of the table is also essential, it should be close to arm’s length so people can easily access it! You should avoid layouts, which makes people walk around the room and retrieve drinks. The height of the tables should be the same as a sofa or chair arms! You can also pick the lower ones if it’s possible!

Lighting Setting

Lighting is the main subject, as you can expect. It’s one of the most important aspects of any room, in my opinion. However, it’s pretty crucial for living rooms! There is a variety of lighting you can choose from! You can always use a mixture of floor lamps and table lamps in the living room! The floor lamps are great solutions if you lack space in your place! You can easily use these lamps in the corner of your room without consuming too much space! They will create an ambient without wasting space! You can put these next to a sofa and enjoy their beauty!

Tables with shelves are also a great option when it comes to balancing out the things! These lamps will improve the looks of your room and improve their looks liberally regardless of their design. You can read my article about table lamps with shelves to get an idea of what you need!


The artwork is pretty crucial, in my opinion, because it adds an extreme amount of uniqueness to any room! They need to be appropriately placed if you want to have all of the benefits of them. The size of the art pieces is also pretty crucial. It should look pretty similar to your room elements. If you are going to use more than one art piece, they should have different sizes compared to each other. You should also avoid small art objects because they will look like a mosquito on your walls! If you have larger art pieces, make sure you put them behind large furniture pieces so they will look perfect together!

Traffic Flow of the Room

Every room has a crowded place where people walk all the time. If your living room is in the middle of the house, you should leave some space where people walk all the time. This can also be pretty dangerous for the kids since they walk all the time! They might trip over and fall on furniture if you don’t take the precautions. Make sure you leave some space between furniture so you can avoid disasters like that!


When it comes to decorating a living room, you should always use a pen and paper so you can avoid the basic mistakes easily. This is an old-fashioned way, but it works perfectly in every situation!

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