Best 8 Floor Lamp with Shelves

floor lamp with shelf

We are always looking to get the best bang for our buck and this can be done by easily getting a floor lamp with self. They are generally well made and highly stable. They will provide almost anything that any normal lamps provide and they have some positives about them. First of all, they can provide additional space for your books and magazines, you can use shelves according to your needs and use them the way you want. This is a huge plus if you are living in a house with a limited space, you can definitely make use of this beautiful lamps.

Second of all, they are sturdy and highly stable because they are standing on four feet which make them hold the ground well. They are mostly made of wooden materials which is also great if you hate metal things. It’s always to have one or two of these for extra space saving whether you need them or not. Now let’s take a look at the reviews of the best products on the market and help you a little bit.

You might also take a look at cheap floor lamp with shelves, they are generally okay quality. The only thing they sacrifice is the quality of the shade. Other than that, they are pretty functional too. I definitely suggest you take a look at the cheap ones too!

Top 8 Floor Lamps with Shelves

Brightech - Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp 65$9,2
Simple Designs LF1014-BLK Floor Lamp 35$8,2
SH Lighting 6958BR-A Major-Q Wooden Shelf Floor Lamp65$8,4
Light Accents Wooden Floor Lamp50$7,9
Artiva USA Elliot, Modern Design, 63-Inch Java-Black Finish 3-Tier Wood Display Shelf Floor Lamp220$8,6

Brightech – Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp


  • This lamp is great, the Asian-influenced design looks absolutely great. This lamp is completely made of wood and it has different color choices which are great.
  • The total lamp is height 63 inches and it has 3 different shelves in it. Shelves are 10 inches wide and provide a great amount of storing for extra magazines and books.
  • You can use a LED or CFL light, this lamp provides warm white lighting and creates a beautiful shaded light. Provides no extra heat.
  • Assembling this product might take long for some people but it’s only going to take some time because these things can be hard to assemble. You can definitely put this one together at one hour tops.
  • Brightech products come with a 3-year warranty which is great.
  • If you are looking to save some space, you can get this beautiful lamp.

Brightech – Maxwell USB Shelf Floor Lamp

  • This lamp is a similar one at the top, they have only a few differences.
  • Provides a contemporary look at a reasonable cost.
  • It also has two USB sockets to charge your smart devices, this sockets probably going to charge your devices real slow but it’s still a good extra.
  • Assembled height is 63 inches and shelves are 10 inches wide.
  • Like any other Brightech product this lamp comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • If you are looking for a cheap floor lamp which also has a USB port, you should buy this immediately!
  • If you are going to make use of USB ports you can get this lamp it’s only 10$ expensive than the one above.

Simple Designs LF1014-BLK Floor Lamp


  • This lamp is extremely cheap, you can’t find a cheaper one of this quality please don’t waste your time.
  • It comes in 4 different colour options including; black, grey, tan and white. Which makes this product even better, you can pick different colours and create the design you want for your room.
  • Linen shade quality is okay, illuminates the room without any problem.
  • You can use the shelves as versatile as you want, they are around 9 inches wide.
  • The lamp is height 63 inches which is standard for most lamps.
  • It needs a 100W light bulb to operate, you have to buy it separately.
  • You can easily assemble this product in 45 minutes.

Adesso 3138-01 Wright Floor Lamp


  • Another perfectly designed cheap product but looks absolutely perfect.
  • Cotton shade diffuses light real great, it provides warm white colour.
  • Lamp height is 63 inches and shelves are 10 inches wide.
  • It needs a 150W incandescent light bulb to operate, which is not included in the package.
  • The black walnut colour looks extremely great.
  • You can get this lamp if you like darker colours, this lamp is definitely high quality and a little bit better than the one above!

Adesso 3138-01 Wright Floor Lamp

SH Lighting 6958BR-A Major-Q Wooden Shelf Floor Lamp


  • There are for different shade and wooden base design options for this lamp, they look highly different you can check them by visiting sellers website.
  • UL certified.
  • Pull switch.
  • It needs an E27(standard) light bulb to work.
  • Lamp height is 63 inches and shelves are 10 inches wide, they are able to carry around 6 lbs.
  • You can get this lamp if you like the UL certificate other than that it really doesn’t have too much special. The price of the lamp is normal.

Light Accents Wooden Floor Lamp with White Linen Shade


  • Beautiful wooden floor lamp with rectangular shapes shelves.
  • The off-white coloured shape looks absolutely perfect. It provides a warm white colour for the room.
  • It needs a 100W light bulb to operate.
  • Lamp height is 63 inches.
  • Shade quality is okay, I always like linen shades they do the job.
  • You might not like the colour because it’s dark brown coloured not black so don’t forget that.
  • Easy to assemble takes around only 30 minutes.
  • If you are looking for a cheap lamp with shelves which also has some quality in it, you can get these lamp.

Catalina 19305-000 3-Way Étagère Floor Lamp


  • The lamp height is 58 inches. It has two different sized shelves for storage which are semi-effective.
  • UL certified.
  • It needs a 3-way 150W light bulb to operate, you have to buy it separately.
  • Beige coloured linen shade is okay quality but looks a little bit big on this lamp.
  • You can’t find better lamps under 50$ for this quality.
  • Easy to assemble takes around only 45 minutes for most people.
  • Looks extra beautiful with its sleek design.
  • If you are looking for a cheap modern lamp and out of budget you can get this one!

Artiva USA Elliot, Modern Design  3-Tier Wood Display Shelf Floor Lamp


  • The shelves are different sized and they are extremely useful when it comes to storing and or showing your favourite art pieces!
  • Drum-shaped shade really suits the design, you are going to love the colour and the quality in it.
  • Product height is 63 inches which is a standard number.
  • You can also check other Artiva products to find a matching table.
  • You can easily assemble this lamp in 10 minutes, it’s really easy.
  • Colours might vary since this is a handmade product.
  • You can definitely use this one in your living room, highly suggested!

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