Claiming Your Standard or Extended LED Warranties

Standard or Extended Warranties

If somehow the things go south and time for using standard or extended warranties become a subject, you’re not helpless. The topic is mainly about LED but the terms are generally the same almost for every product. However, extended guarantees are mostly for bulk purchasing. There are widespread terms for warranties offered by LED manufacturers. They are generally ranging from three years to five years in length. Unfortunately, a serious number of warranties are verbally manipulated. Most sellers use some catchy words as marketing techniques. Before you buy a product, you have to double-check the warranties. Therefore, people tend to pick brands with a good reputation. To make sure, you can make them write something recordable (proveable). Even asking questions to sellers solves many future problems beforehand. I remember many incidents that we proved the given promise by re-posting the message history. So, again, you can ask the critical terms to force them to confirm. Clarity is always good for warranty terms.

There are client expectations over LED warranties. To be fair, there are manufacturer expectations as well. Online or offline, there must be a clear agreement. We’ll handle some frequently experienced issues and solutions at the end of this post.

Before we go for other steps, I also want to introduce you to an idea if you didn’t have. The terms are changeable to persuade the customer if the purchase is a bulk buy. For instance, a company could accept giving you five years of warranty instead of 3 if you contact them. I remember finalizing many deals with many companies all around the world. Agreements are, fortunately, globally similar.

All in all, you have three possible terms to go with.

Accepting the standard warranty

If you read and made everything clear about the standard warranty given by the manufacturer, that’s the easiest way to go. Most of the respected brands have had experience over the years and know what to offer. They do not change their terms easily. However, the negative thing about them can be a distributor warranty procedure. If possible, try to get the direct warranty by the manufacturer. That’s more likely to happen when you spend a serious amount of money (like at least $40k).

Extending the terms of current warranty

This is mostly when the buyers need extra years of warranty. Other terms are generally logical therefore accepted. However, depending on the product type and business type, buyers may offer to extend the time.

It is hard but not impossible. These things might slightly or radically increase the price but sometimes the warranty worth it.

Adding labor coverage term

This is the hardest! The product value warranties are generally hustle-free but when you add labor value, things get more serious.

Depending on the nature of your business, you might even insist on the idle time coverage. If the product fault causes 10 days of reconstruction, you might ask for it if you agreed on a contract like that. These things have to be clearly stated in advance.

Sometimes, broken products might cause harm to other products that seem irrelevant to the agreement at first. However, there are many leading cases that forced sellers to cover the correlative loss. Does it sound ruthless? In fact, that’s not. Manufacturers have to obey the safety rules. Because faulty might even damage lives, you are naturally right. LED lights mustn’t set the building on fire! They usually call it “awful failure”.

Some extended warranty solutions to possible incidents

Would you need to add the following rules to an extended warranty agreement?

When the manufacturer bankrupts:
They pay the money back because naturally, they cannot replace the products.

The divided pay-backs from warranty damages my business:
The manufacturer pays the reimbursement at once.

I want to ensure labor cost and failure cost warranties as well:
Extended warranties are required again to add labor reimbursement and failure correlated payment.


When terms are written, shopping is not just shopping. I hope everything goes right to your plans and you’ll never need to deal with lawyer things.


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