• This floor lamp uses an opal light bulb but you can really use all kind of lamps with any shade. It’s all up to you when it comes to the creation of the light you want.
  • You have to light bulbs separately so which gives you the option of choosing the best light bulb for your needs.
  • You have to assemble the product before you use it, don’t worry it’s really easy to assemble this one, it only takes around 20 minutes.
  • If you want to clean the lamp you have to use dust cloth, don’t forget that.
  • Product Dimensions – Height: 69″ Base diameter: 10″ Shade diameter: 7″ Cord length: 6’3″


  • It’s really on huge discount! Get it while it lasts!
  • It can light up the whole room with ease.
  • It’s extremely easy to assemble as I said before.
  • Heavier and sturdier than most of the materials used out there.
  • You can take the dust off with a simple dust cloth. The lamp is extremely easy to clean.
  • This lamp is the best seller on the floor lamps category.
  • You can use different colored LED lights to create ambient effects.
  • The product is also really easy to assemble. It takes around 20 minutes for most people!
  • It gets the job done for a price like 20$.
  • Most of the customers used the lamp for the living room and it fits really easy!
  • It’s also suggested by Amazon which makes it really great.
  • You can also get the lamp with an E26 light bulb which makes it more price/performance effective.
  • If you have pets and really find it hard to adjust the cords you can get this lamp and never worry about cords again!
  • It’s really tall vertically. Most of the floor lamps are generally around 69-70 inches which is pretty average for these products.
  • Made of a solid metal base. However, it might have some stability issues.


This product doesn’t really have any cons but some of you might have trouble when you assemble it but it’s really easy! You can also find the product at IKEA for a cheaper price but I suggest you buying it on Amazon since you will get better customer service and you won’t waste your time! If you are looking for a cheap floor uplight lamp for your house, dorm or anywhere you like you can get this product without any hesitations! It’s extremely cheap and durable than most of the products on the market. This is a really viable option when you inspect all of the products on the floor lamp category. If you have trouble assembling other lamps this lamp can be great. It’s really easy to assemble the lamp. The only concern I have about the lamp is it might have stability problems. The base is not heavy enough in my opinion and if you have pets inside your house you might have some problems. Other than this, it’s an extremely cost-effective lamp and I definitely suggest this one!