Living Room Decoration Tips for Beginners

You are probably a beginner decorator who is just designing their house, and you are doing the living room right now! I know it’s pretty overwhelming to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, but you can get a harmonious design if you follow my tips correctly! These tips are not hard, and anyone can do them, in my opinion! There are a few things you should be careful about, like painting the walls, the furniture you already have, etc. You also have to know how to arrange and put the furniture in the right place, and there are many guides on our website for it!

The decorating style of the decorator is also essential, in my opinion. The decoration should reflect your view on the topic, which will create a unique look! You can check the internet for living room pictures if you want to get an idea for your room! There are many things you can adjust, like windows coverings, accessories, floor covering, wall painting, art objects, etc. Look up to those tips and get an idea of what you can do.


The furniture should be adjusted correctly if you want to have a good looking living room. Most people don’t even know about the focal point in the room. The focal point can be anything like a television or a computer. It can be a stable object like a fireplace. You have to design your room around that most of the time! The design should never be rushed and put your sofas and chairs all over the place! You should do a little bit of planning if you want to have a good looking living room! You should create a conversation area, a place for the kids! The most crowded areas are also important.  The traffic flow of the room should be calculated, and your design needs to be suitable for that too!

Rugs and Carpets

This might be the game changer in your living room. The area rugs have many usages, and it can be life a saver. If you have kids, you can think about using them because they will create kid-friendly spots in the living room! You should never buy a rug because you love the carpet! There are some rules before you make the purchase! You have to calculate the size of the rug if you want to have a suitable one for your living room! If you buy a carpet that is too small, it will make the whole room look bad! You have to calculate the room size and pick the most suitable one for your living room! The arrangement of the furniture is also crucial. You don’t want to put the rug in the middle of the room and make it a focal point! The furniture should sit on the carpet and cover up some area of it! You should always leave around like 15 inches of bare floor between the edges of the carpet! There should also be space left close to the wall if you want to avoid crowdedness!

Art Pieces

You should never leave your walls empty. It’s a sign of emptiness, and it will dry out your enthusiasm. You don’t have to fill every inch of your wall, but you have to find items that are important to you. The art pieces are fantastic for creating a cohesive look that is unique from person to person. It will show off your experiences and feelings without going overboard! You should follow your instincts when it comes to art pieces, in my opinion! There are some basic guidelines about how to arrange the art pieces. You should follow these rules and let your heart guide you through the process!

Lamps and Lighting

This is the most crucial aspect, in my opinion. There are tons of articles and lamp choices on our website. You can take a look at those articles if you want to learn about this complex subject! The lighting is pretty vital for the living room, in my opinion! There are main lighting types that can be used in almost any room. You should look for accent, task, and ambient lighting for your room. Floor lamps can be great accents and task lamps, in my opinion. You can put them into the corner of your living room and enjoy their beauty. There are other alternatives like chandeliers, table lamps with shelves, wall sconces you can use for the living room!

Painting colors

You have to pick the right painting color. It’s a tough task to do if you don’t know what you are doing with the shades! If you choose the right color, the painting will be a breeze. The painting process is not that hard if you choose the right color. You can change the shape of your room within hours with the right colors! If you have expensive items in your living room, you should paint your room according to those pieces so you won’t spend more money than necessary!

Dimensions and Measurements

You have to know what your pieces look like. The parts you are working on can be complicated and look bad if you don’t know the exact measurements. There are ideal measurements you should follow. You can play everything in your head, but I suggest you should use a pen and paper. Memorizing everything is hard, so it’s better to put things on paper! You should place the furniture items at first. After that, you can set the other items in their places as you like!

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