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The living room is the most essential in a house, in my opinion! The place is so crowded, and most of the guests gather, which makes it the most important room! Most of the families spend their precious time in this room, which makes it extra important! I think the kitchen is the second place when it comes to importance in a home!

The living room decoration can be hard if you don’t know the fundamentals! You should know what to do and what not to do if you want to achieve a good looking living room! The living room should look good, and it should reflect the uniqueness of your family! Every family has a theme, and the living room is an essential part of it! You should create a living room that looks good to your eyes and doesn’t tire you! You can also visit my living room tips here to get some ideas! The beginner mistakes are also highly prevalent, which you should also read!

I’m going to talk about doing and don’ts of a living room so you can make your living room look good!

The Items

Rooms have focal points, and most of the decorators are not aware of this situation! The focal point is a generally stable object, and it doesn’t move quickly! You have to pick the most expensive and good looking item in your living room and decorate your room around it! This item should be high-quality, and it should cost more than others! Generally, this can be a sofa, a television or any big unit which consumes the most space in the living room! These items are significant investments, and they generally last around 10-20 years with ease except the electronic devices!

The paint color of the room should be decided before you move in! You can learn about living room painting in this article. There are thousands of colors out there, and they are so easy to apply! You should pick a color that is suitable for you and your family!

You can also mix expensive items with inexpensive items, which will create a good contrast! There are many ways which allow you to increase the looks of your living room. Money is the most important thing, but you don’t have to spend too much money always to make a room look good!

Accessories in the Living Room

The design of the living room should have a template, in my opinion! You should design your room around a modern, simple, or antique look. You should consider if the room has patterns you can follow, which will increase the harmony in the room! Accessories are crucial when it comes to making these changes! There are some accessory items like rugs, pillows, artworks, and other small things which can affect the decoration on extreme levels!

Rugs are great for covering up floor spaces! The rug should be big enough to cover up most of the furniture! You should always place your furniture above the carpet if it’s possible! This is the ideal designing when it comes to the rug! You should put all of the big pieces in your living room on the top of the area rug!

The pillows, on another hand, are exceptional decoration items, in my opinion! You can use these great decorative accents, but you should never go overboard with them! They can stay on the couch most of the items since they don’t consume much space at all! You can also add a few furniture to your room which can improve the decoration of the room! Floor lamps with shelves are high when it comes to decorating the living room, and they can increase the overall look of the room! They will look great next to your sofa, and they can easily compliment the room! These floor lamps with shelves are generally small, but they have a significant impact on the room!

The patterns in the room is pretty crucial when it comes to designing! You can follow a single model, and that’s the best thing you can do, in my opinion! However, you can follow more than one pattern. I think three is the maximum amount of patterns you can use in a single room! You can also use different sized items in the room to create a contrast!

The lighting of the Room

You can have a mixture of different lighting options in the living room! The arc floor lamps are generally great options when it comes to the living room! You can easily use them next to a sofa which can also create a good lookign living room without consuming too much space! The table lamps and sconces could be significant, depending on the situation! You have to make sure you mix it up with a lot of items, so the room has a distinctive look! You can also check out the dimmer switches if you want to have an ambiance in your living room!

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