Surpars House Minimalist Solid Wood Table LampFeatures

  • Perfect and highly stable wooden base.
  • It uses an E26 standard light bulb and it’s not included in the package.
  • The switch is on the cord.
  • UL Plug.
  • Suggested for bedroom or living room. It will suit almost any design without problems since it has a wooden base.


  • Surpars House Minimalist Solid Wood Lamp can be used as a work lamp. It will provide an adequate amount of lighting for reading and other stuff. Also, it won’t cause strain on your eyes because of the shade colors. You can use this lamp for long hours. The fabric shade will also look good in your workspace.
  • This lamp’s size is great for the living room. You can also use colored led bulbs for different ambient looks. You can check out Philips Hue Lights for this. The fabric is made of thick and solid material and great for living room usage. It can be also used for workspaces.
  • The switch of the lamp is on the cord which is great for users. You can put the cord closer to your bed to control it effectively during night time.
  • Surpars House Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp looks a little bit cheaper than the picture of course. It has a beige color.
  • One of the best sellers on the market. I definitely suggest this one if you are short of money. This is also perfect for people who just moved in and looking for a temporary bedside lamp.
  • The size of the lamp is a little bit smaller than other bedroom table lamps. However, it’s still cool and cheap.
  • The quality is extremely great.
  • You can also use this lighting in your bedroom without any hesitation. If you are looking for a cheap nightstand lamp you can get this lamp!