• You can pick between  7 brightness modes and 5 color modes! Which means you can get 35 possible combinations for your needs!
  • As you know LED technology is really efficient when it comes to saving power and energy bills! This product uses LED light which will have a positive effect on your bills!
  • You can easily use this eye-caring led light for your studying or reading!
  • Flexible and easily bendable gooseneck! Use the light beam directly whenever you want it!
  • Minimalist and durable design for any environment! I suggest mostly for teenagers because of it’s the price!
  • Brightness information: 7W/ 386 lumen


  • You can acquire a total of 35 combinations which is great for a desk lamp at this price range!
  • The LED light is eye-caring and you can use different light modes for studying or reading.
  • The product is only 20$ + shipping!
  • The lamp head is made of hard plastic and it’s shiny. The plastic definitely shows the quality.
  • Most people think that this lamp looks cheap but it’s not the case it’s made of highly durable material!
  • The gooseneck is also covered with rubber which makes easy to touch it. It also provides protection to it for some degree.
  • It’s so easy to turn on and off this lamp because the switch is on the back! This makes the lamp for a bedside lamp!
  • It’s also very lightweight but stability is not a problem for this lamp!
  • There are rubber discs on the bottom of the lamp which provides extra stability for careless people like me.
  • It’s about 14 inches high, which is perfect for reading. You won’t bother other people around you while using Taotronics LED Lamp.


  • The base material is not that great!
  • There are better products if you want to spend 5$ or more for a desk lamp!


TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp Dimensions

The dimension of the product is really great, it can fit into most of the tables. It doesn’t consume any space at all because of its compact design. Definitely suggested for people who have limited space on their tables.



This product can be considered as basic entry level, it’s okay in most areas but durability is not one of them but it can vary from person to person because of usage! If you want an entry-level LED desk lamp with different brightness and color modes you can get this product!